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About   A Touch of Glass by QB's Lampwork

Hi my name is Roberta Poff,  My friends call me Robin and I hope you will feel free to call me that. I am a wife and the mother of two teenage sons, and have been making lampwork beads since 1997.

You might ask. How did you get started? To be honest I had never heard of "lampwork" or any interest in making beads, I had made things from beads but the idea of making beads was something that never crossed my mind!

I was doing freelance 3D computer graphics and animation as well as teaching art at a Montessori school. A friend asked if I would take a glass bead making class with her. My schedule being what it was I just laughed. What could she possibly be thinking?  Well she was relentless, as summer time came around and my schedule lightened up I decided to tag along. Mind you I thought "it's just two days, no big deal" Well I fell head over heals and now make beads full time. The funny thing is she never made beads again, and I am making beads for a living! I guess some things are just meant to be.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, or if there is something you are looking for, It is always exciting to try new things!

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